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My name is Jeffrey Kauffman, and I am a wildlife photographer. Since I bought my first camera, I have been spending hours and hours watching nature and wildlife, observing animals and birds’ behavior and falling in love with this amazing world. My pictures are not only about settings and colors. Through my work, I am trying to share the incredible experience of being a part of nature with my viewers.

Jeffrey Kauffman, photographer

When I look at my “wildlife models”, I cannot stop thinking about how much in common animals and humans have. We both try to make our living on this planet, raise offspring, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy life. Whenever I take pictures, I learn more and more about our beautiful planet and the wisdom of mother-nature.

My main goal is to shine a spotlight on a need to protect and preserve wildlife habitat so that future generations can enjoy its magic as well. We, as humans, must take care of our planet. You can help in different ways: to pick up trash left by someone else on the trail, feed birds and animals in the winter, check your local wildlife rescue center for opportunities to volunteer and donate, and much more. Every small effort is valuable.

In my store, you can find photographs, t-shirts, and souvenirs with images of wildlife and nature. A portion of profits are donated to local rescue centers. Thus, by purchasing from my store, you are not only keeping a part of wildlife in your house but also helping rescuing centers to do their great job.

I hope that you enjoy my gallery and encourage you to go outdoors and explore the world around you. One page of my website is a blog where I am going to tell you about my favorite places and share funny stories that happen to my wife and I on our journeys.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Jeffrey Kauffman

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